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FRAGRANCES: To place your order call, email or use the contact page.  Free Samples you pay shipping.  To purchase wholesale use the contact page. (We offer private lable by the case 350 bottles. Call,email, or fax for pricing) 


Gift Baskets: starting price:

Scents: Stawberry Lemonade, Blue Skies, or Veez

Small: includes a basket with lotion and bath salts: $15



Medium: includes a basket, stuff animal, and bath salts: $25



Large: includes perfume, basket, and lotion: $40


This basket is for the Veez scent only or the MCE for men ( only available in this size basket)



Large: basket for the following scents: Stawberry Lemonade,


Blue Skies, Night Lights, and Winter Wonderland




       Veez $30 2oz bottle                                                                  M.C.E. (men) Cologne $30 1.7oz bottle



3pc  Set (Strawberry Lemonade bath salt, mango butter hand cream, and Strawberry Lemonade massage body oil) $10

Bath Salts $5                       Massage Body Oils (SOLD OUT)

Blue Skies, Strawberry Lemonade,           Blue Skies, Strawberry Lemonade,

Grape, Sunset Run, and Orange Mango.    Grape, Sunset Run, and Orange Mango.


ust     om

Lavender Soap $6.50                              $8.50 Massage Oil & Bath Salt


$8.50 Hand Cream & Bath Salt                  $8.50 Hand Cream & Massage Oil


You pick the scents to get                       Lotions, Massage Body Oils 2oz

any of the above.                                   and Body Spray. Comes in the scents

                                                           above and Veez and M.C.E. $9.50ea.